25 Mar 2022

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Posted by Tech Vani

3D Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, Another step to Metaverse


Meta (formally Facebook) added new features on Facebook, and instagram to run 3D ads through a new collaboration with an e-commerce technology firm. The partners brand VNTANA will allow businesses to upload 3D models of their products to the meta owned platforms and smoothly convert them into ads. The chief executive of partner brand, Ashley Crowder said that this move is a stepping stone for advertisement.


"It is a whole world of possibility that starts with having the right 3D models of your products." - Crowder added. Meta has reinforced its future contributions to the building of the metaverse, which is said to take upto at least a decade to be realized. The 3D ads facility improves the effectiveness of the businesses who are in beauty, fashion, furniture, and products to work transitions of 3D representations of their products.