30 Nov 2021

Posted by Tech Vani

A New Indian Startup Launch a Social Media Platform Dedicated for Gamers: Qlan

eSports is booming in India right now and gamers need to get dedicated opportunities and platforms to interact with each other. But there is not much choice and every platform has their own way to promote it but none of them is thinking about gamers. “Gamers today work very differently, they love to interact with each other because they find peace in the fact that they can talk to someone relatable, someone who behaves like them…plays like them.” - Sagar Nair, CEO, Qlan


The work on Qlan has been started at the end of last year and is in its beta testing phase. The final version of the platform will be released soon for both Android and iOS users. Even if there are different platforms, there are those who have a gamers community but most of them are scattered and roughly have any interaction between them. He answers that even if there is an Instagram or LinkedIn like plateform but they actually don’t recognise gaming much as a profession while gaming specially eSports is booming worldwide on an exponential growth speed.

“Gamers want to be recognised and that is as basic as them being able to call themselves gamers,” Nair also explains “We thought a feed could break through the clutter of an Instagram where you can find anything and everything. A platform like ours will justify what gamers are really looking for in a social network,”


When questions has been asked about Twitch which is also a gaming oriented platform, Niar answered that Platforms like Twitch are focusing on Broadcasting Live or Pre-Recorded gameplay videos, But he was cleared from very beginning that Qlan is a cross of LinkedIn and Instagram like features where gamers have their own profile and they’ll experience not only a like minded community presence but also how gaming world is diversified. 


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This will be their first step towards professional eSports and gaining skills required in Gaming industry. This will also help them to connect their fans and followers but also establish communication between different gamers. “Indian competitive gamers are hungry. Given the right opportunities and the right platform, I am confident they will start ruling the global scene,” he says. According to a report by professional services firm EY. The growth of eSport Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth of 46% by 2025 to hit ₹11 billion.


Platform like Qlan is focusing on eSport Gamers and trying to fulfil the gap between gaming and social media platforms. Means that Qlan is focusing on eSports Fans, mobile gamers, console gamers, PC gamers and Professional Live Streamers. The advertising and Marketing will start once the platform will be developed and will be live for both the Android and iOS users.