15 Mar 2022

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Posted by Tech Vani

After Ban of Instagram & Facebook, VPN Demand in Russia Skyrockets: Report

On Monday, Russia banned Instagram in response to the decision Meta's took last week to allow the users of Ukraine to post messages such as "Death to the Russian invaders". World’s biggest social media has already been banned in Moscow after Facebook put restrictions on Russian backed media. Due to the blockage of these both popular social media platforms which has been banned into the country, Russian users of these social media started using VPN (virtual private network) to access these sites. 


According to a report of top10vpn, the demand and use of VPN in Russia is at an all time high and observed a 2,088% increase in the number of VPNs where as in Ukraine the demand has gone upto 600% amid the war crisis. As shown in the graph attached below, the demand for VPN in Russia is rapidly increasing every week according to a report.