20 Apr 2022

Ryzen PRO 6000 Series
Posted by Tech Vani

AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 Series Processors for Business Laptops Available to Purchase

AMD has announced the purchase availability of Zen3+ architecture-based Ryzen Pro 6000 series with 8 cores and 16 threads, claiming to reduce power consumption by up to 45% for working professionals. The processor was announced at CES 2022 first time for educational and business laptops. There are two variants of the SoC series- H & U. The U-series CPUs consume power anywhere between 15W to 30W. 


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AMD announced multiple business laptops also from HP & Lenovo, powered by Ryzen PRO 6000, Ryzen 5000, or Ryzen PRO CPUs. The new Zen3+ CPUs which are built on 6nm Zen 3 architecture, Ryzen Pro 6000 series, work on a max of 4.9GHz and integrate RDNA2 graphics. These laptop series are HP EliteBooks and Lenovo ThinkPads. Except for these, the processors can also be featured in other Chromebooks, business laptops, and even desktops than last year.