16 Mar 2022

Posted by Tech Vani

BGMI Holi Dhamaka 1.9.0 Update, New Theme Sky Island, Vibrant Plaza, Bicycle and More

Battlegrounds mobile India (BGMI) has announced the next 1.9.0 update based on Holi Theme, and lots of stuff coming including New Sky Island, Vibrant Plaza, Bicycle, New Racing Minigame, and other patch fixes. The March Update of the Holi Dhamaka 1.9.0 Schedule has been released on the official website and says that both Android and iOS users will get the theme update on March 18th but at a different time. The android users get the update between 5:30AM morning to 6:30PM evening whereas iOS users get access to the update at evening 4:00 PM


In event, different cool stuff are being integrated including New Holi Dhamaka Theme Mode and sky island is coming back with the update with color theme to Erangle. 


Sky Island:

The sky island will appear in only Erangle and Livik Maps. Total of two island appears in one match and both will be different - one will have pyramid reminiscent of Egypt, and other will have a winter-themed ice castle. You can loot coins at island and use them to shop on ground. If you get finished on the island you will automatically land onto the ground just like the previous event. 


On Sky Island, your character’s head grows bigger when hit by the enemy.” - the article mentions. Players will also be able to change the face color with transformation devices at the island in a certain time duration. 


Rainbow Plaza/Camp:

Rainbow Plaza and Camp will appear only around Erangel, New terrains, and new interactable entities also appear in these zones, that deliver crates if players will get intracted. Notable thing is that the Army Base is marked in the mini-map where you can scan locations of  spawned vehicles.


New Bicycle:

A new bicycle has been featured at At Rainbow Square and Camp. Players can use it tactically because it is faster than sprinting and allows them to jump higher. Interesting thing is that you can use weapons while on bicycle, and it does not require any fuel or battery, on top of these, it is noiseless while running on the road and cannot be destroyed.


Also some minor updates have been made in shooting range, random matchmaking, improved arena mode, Livik: aftermath improvement, and a new Racing Minigame added.