07 Mar 2022

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Posted by Tech Vani

BGMI is Different Than PUBG Mobile, IT Ministry Responded Relief for Gaming Community


Battlegrounds Mobile India and Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile both are two different gaming apps - says IT ministry in response to PIL asking for BGMI ban. The PIL (public interest litigation) filed by Advocate Anil Stevenson Jangam said that BGMI is same as PUBG but with a distinct name and should be banned in India like other apps. A representative to The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, N. Samaya Balan has told Telangana High Court that both the popular games are different, not same as suggested in PIL. 


This is a big relief for the Indian battle royal gaming community, and news confirms that this popular game is not near to be banned in India unlike 54 chinese apps that got banned last month. According to IANS (private indian news agency), the PIL said - “BGMI and the banned application PUBG Mobile are the same game with only cosmetic changes. The new application Battlegrounds Mobile India is fraught with all the dangers its banned earlier version posed to our children and adolescents. Therefore, the new version also deserves to be banned.”