24 Mar 2022

Fortnite Update banner
Posted by Tech Vani

Fortnite Update: Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man, Chloe Kim in Icon Series

Fortnite has come up with two major updates, Mary Jane Watson with Spider-man & Great Goblin and Olympic Gold medalist Chloe Kim is into Icon Series. Speaking about Spider-Man, the great Goblin Set is back to the item shop and classic MJ is getting Mary Jane Watson Outfit into the item shop which adds Web Shredder Pickaxe. When a player does not shred for materials, will put on the guitar as a Back Bling.


Speaking to Chloe Kim, the gold medalist queen will slide soon in the icon series and her Outfit and accessories become available from saturday March 26th. The official news added- "The top-performing players in each region will unlock the Chloe Kim Outfit (+ more) prior to its Item Shop debut".


Total 4 different Chloe Kim outfit models will be available


Fortnite update (1).png


  1. Back to Back: Black snowsuit furnished with a gold dragon
  2. Pink Poppies: Pink & blue snowsuit, to match, a change in hair color.
  3. Icy Infusion: Reactive! Looking like the Pink Poppies,  as you achieve more eliminations, become icy as Deep Freeze Style
  4. Deep Freeze Style: A frozen on the Pink Poppies Style


Unlike Outfits, 4 distinct accessories adds into Chloe Kim set-


Fortnite update (2).png


  1. Frozen Flourish Pickaxe
  2. Nunbola Glider
  3. Board Flair Emote
  4. Flight Loading Screen