22 Apr 2022

Google News Update
Posted by Tech Vani

Google News Update: Chrome Extension, Third-party Call Recording


Google has brought two major updates this week - more safe browsing through Chrome, and another to restrict third-party call recording apps. Both the updates bring to improve the user experience and protect the data of its users as per the company's latest changes. Chrome is the most widely used browser on both smartphones and desktops/laptops whereas the call recording feature can be used against users to blackmail and threaten. So, to protect its users from such issues and improve better user experience


#01 Chrome Extension Badges:

On the chrome web store, there are over 1,40,000 extensions available, but users often face an issue finding safe extensions to use. To solve this issue and protect user data, Google has introduced two badges for these extensions and developers- The featured Badges, and the Established Publisher Badge




  1. To be awarded Feature Badges, Chrome team members manually evaluate on the basis of guidelines to these extensions, including the latest API integration and respectful user data policy. 
  2. Established Publisher badge will be awarded to those developers who adhered to Developer Program Policy. Note that both of these badges can't be availed through monetary transactions but developers have to apply for review to get these badges.


#02 Third-party call recording policy update:




Google has upgraded its play store privacy policy to counter third-party call recording applications from providing the record calls in most recent versions. Previously, many android apps were blocked from the play store which was using microphones to record calls in September 2019. Google has now paused the Accessibility API used by developers in call recording. Note that pre-installed Google apps and first-party dialer apps will still be able to record phone calls, depending on the country and brand.