30 Mar 2022

Social Media
Posted by Tech Vani

Instagram is Testing New Ways to Support Social Movements: Official News

An official article shared on Monday, March 28 via Instagram that says the Social Movements Discovering feature is under testing and this will allow users to take actions for these social happenings like fundraise, Support, etc. As a social media platform the app has always been eager to find ways to get users interact and spread their voice to the world. Users on the meta owned platform will be able to share hashtag pages directly in DMs and even can create a fundraiser. In the beginning of the testing, few specific hashtags are been created like #climatecrisis, #BlackLivesMatter, etc.


The article mentioned - “We’re rolling this out first to a handful of hashtags that are focused on popular and long-standing movements on Instagram and in the world,”


The picture attached shows that there are two options after clicking on the "Support" option, 'Spread the word', and 'Create a fundraiser', Also, it has shared the whole hashtag page in the DM as an example.