02 Dec 2021

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Posted by Tech Vani

More Than 2 Million WhatsApp Account Has Been Banned in India in The Month of October 2021 Alone

India is the biggest user base of whatsapp with more than 480 million users. Whatsapp’s own tracking tool to prevent abuse on the platform has banned more than 2 million accounts alone in october 2021, says whatsapp official spokesperson. 


Whatsapp has released its monthly report to comply with new IT rule of India 2021, in which whatsapp has mentioned that 500 grievances have been received in the whole month whereas 248 out of 500 were regarding Ban and rest for other causes like product support and account support etc. Total of 18 actions had been taken out of those 500 grievances which were related to account ban. It is noticeable that taking actions on these grievances doesn’t mean only banning the account but also restoring the previously banned accounts on user request.


According to new IT rules every platform like whatsapp, it is necessary to provide such a system or mechanism for its users where the users can get the solution to their complaints. On the behalf of this rule whatsapp has released its 5th monthly report. Whatsapp also had released a previous monthly report that mentioned the banning of 2.2 Million whatsapp accounts in september also. If you want to send any complaint to whatsapp then you can either email to this email address [email protected] or you can manually send a letter to an Indian grievance officer via post.