17 Mar 2022

Ghostwire Tokyo Banner img
Posted by Tech Vani

Playstation (PS5) getting New 'Ghostwire: Tokyo' mystery game release on March 25

The wait is over and finally New supernatural themed based mysterior game ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ is launching on Playstation 5 this month on March 25th. PlayStation is offering limited period pre-ordering exclusive gears and early access of the game to players on PS5. Players who pre-order the Ghostwire: Tokyo or Ghostwire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition for PS5 system, will receive the Hannya (in-Game Charector) Outfit and Premium Biker Outfit Pack for in-game use. A notable point is that Deluxe Edition also features the Shinobi (in-game charector) Outfit and Kunai Weapon items, plus the Streetwear Outfit Pack. Members of PS5 with Playstation Plus, can unlock 3-Day early access to Ghostwire: Tokyo. 


In-Game Story

The Game has a  story, that the Official Website added- "Nearly all of Tokyo’s living population has vanished as beings from myth, folklore, and urban legend manifest all over the city. As Akito, a survivor of the disappearance, players will team up with a ghostly detective named KK to get to the bottom of this world-shattering phenomenon and bring its perpetrator – a masked man known only as Hannya – to justice.”


Hannya charector in PS5 Ghostwire - Tokyo.jpg