17 Mar 2022

ROSSGRAM plateform img
Social Media
Posted by Tech Vani

‘ROSSGRAM’ - New Social Platform is set to Launch in Russia after Ban of Instagram


After the ban of the world's most popular photo sharing platform, Russian entrepreneurs are all set to launch their local platform ROSSGRAM to replace Instagram. According to the official website, Alexander Zobov is the co-founder and PR director of the project and Filimonov Kirill is commercial director of the project. In recent news, it has been found by research, that the demand for VPNs increased by more than 2000% in the country just after the ban of Instagram. The platform will also have additional monetization tools for users like paid access to content, crowdfunding function, a referral program, etc. The early access is open only for top bloggers, and partners including sponsors, and investors. Normal users will get access to the platform in April