21 Mar 2022

UniSOC threat
Posted by Tech Vani

Smartphones with UniSoc Chipsets are Not safe, Kryptowire find Serious Vulnerability

A cloud-based mobile security and privacy solutions provider has revealed that the company has found a critical, serious security and privacy vulnerability in the mobile devices that are using UNISOC chipset. In India, currently in the 10K range, the trend of chipsets are moving from mediatek to UniSOC chipsets tremendously, and most of our audience segment comes in this range.  According to Kryptowire, all the smartphones with UNISOC SC9863A chipset can be affected because it has a flaw that allows hackers to access userdata and other smartphone functionality including text messages, call records, contacts, camera, etc, if exploited. 


“In an increasingly competitive mobile device market, it’s imperative that device manufacturers establish and maintain trust among carriers and end users.” - Alex Lisle from Kryptowire mentioned in a statement, “Kryptowire’s core technology, which provides rapid, automatic vulnerability scanning without intrusion into end user data, helps stakeholders find and remediate critical security and privacy gaps faster and more efficiently, increasing confidence in the face of complex security challenges.”