03 Dec 2021

Posted by Tech Vani

The new Look of Microsoft Office UI Has Started Rolling Out to Every Windows 11 User: Techvani

According to new updates, The tech giant company Microsoft has started rolling out its new Office UI for everyone. The announcement was made earlier in the month of June this year that Microsoft is releasing its new UI. Till now this UI was in testing phase but now it is officially released and available for Office 365 and office 2021, according to the Verge. Microsoft has applied fluent design principles to establish a consistency across all the office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook etc.

The purpose of fluent design of windows 11 is to provide complete and consistent experience across all the platforms. “Office now matches your Windows theme by default, and we've updated all themes. You can experience the visual refresh in whichever Office theme you prefer, including black (Dark Mode), white, colorful, or dark grey.”- according to Microsoft's official website. If you want to change this office theme then follow below instruction:

  1. Open your office App and select File and go to Account.
  2. From there go to the Office Theme dropdown and select your Theme you which you want to set.

Notable: If you select "Use System Setting", then your Office Theme will match Your Windows Theme automatically. If you haven’t set your Theme already then your Office Theme will be empty. By default the Quick Access toolbar will be hidden. In order to access it again, Click the Right button to ribbon or just click the Ribbon Display Options icon and click Show Quick Access Toolbar.

If you really want to experience and don’t know how then you can just go to the Coming Soon pane and try it first before you are going to use it. To try this new feature follow these steps:

  • Open any of office app like Word
  • Open the Coming Soon from the right-top megaphone icon and a pane will open where you can learn more about the refresh changes. 
  • After that Click on the toggle “Try the new experience” to apply it on all the office apps.

For more information you can refer to this official release note of Microsoft Official WebPage and to get updated with the latest trends in technology just consider Techvani.