08 Apr 2022

Social Media
Posted by Tech Vani

Twitter Launched 'Unmention' Feature That Allows Users to Untag From Any Tweet

On Thursday, The microblogging platform shared a Twitter thread that announced the 'Unmention' feature for its users that allows users to untag themselves from any tweet. The feature was first tipped in June last year by Twitter privacy designer 'Dominic Camozzi’, as an Idea. The original Twitter Safety account on the platform has officially posted about the new release feature 'Unmentioning'. The thread hints that the feature is enabled only for a few users initially, and is available only on twitter's web platform


The post states- "We’re experimenting with Mentioning—a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations—available on the Web for some of you now."




Earlier, the platform announced the development of an edit option to correct already posted tweets, and yesterday, it was teased by a Twitter user that the platform is now erasing content from embedded tweets on external websites that originally has been deleted by the author.