17 Mar 2022

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Social Media
Posted by Tech Vani

Twitters tests new feature 'Circle', Allow users to chat with up to 150 friends

A new feature 'Twitter Cicle' has been tested by the microblogging platform that allow users to chat with upto 150 closest friends and the setup of this feature is like a college/school reunion group. An app researcher and developer, Nima Owji first tweeted about the upcoming feature. He quoted- 'Twitter is working on the “Twitter Circle” intro page for the web app.' and then retweeted again- “It seems today some people have seen this page for a few moments!” on Thursday. 


NimaOwji circle Tweet.jpg


How Does Twitter Circle Work? The user has to add people upto 150 of them to include into the twitter circle. Now you can share your thoughts and tweets will be only visible to your twitter circle. Additionally, Users can edit the twitter circle, and no one gets notified about if the user removes someone. The micro-blogging platform said it is always trying to find new ways to let people engage in healthy conversations. and added - ‘currently exploring ways to let people Tweet to smaller groups'.


Twitter Circle screenshot.jpg