17 Mar 2022

Whatsapp Reaction Notifications banner img
Posted by Tech Vani

Whatsapp Reaction Notifications spotted in Desktop Beta Version, How to Activate?

Most widely used one-to-one messaging social media app is rolling out a new update for the desktop users to control reaction notifications to explicit beta testers. This new feature gives access to whatsapp desktop clients to manage to receive notifications for reactions. The option of notification is disabled by default and users have to activate it. Also the notification can be general for all reactions or from a specific person. The general notification option is already rolling out to beta testers and specific reaction notification is still under development.


How to Activate?

As the notification from reactions will be by default disabled, users have to activate to start getting notifications. To enable this option, just go to Whatsapp Settings and then go to Notifications, there you'll find the option “Turn off all reactions notifications”, just tick the option, and you are ready to receive reaction notifications. Wabetainfo has shared a screenshot of notification options on whatsapp desktop.