02 May 2022

Whatsapp Update Techvani
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Posted by Tech Vani

WhatsApp’s Show Status Updates in Chats List is Spotted Under Development

Whatsapp's announcement on the quick reaction on messages in upcoming updates, the social media platform is supposed to develop a new feature in WhatsApp status as the ability to get status updates within the chats list. The release date is uncertain as the feature is still under development, but an important note over here is that even if the screenshot has been taken from the WhatsApp desktop, soon the feature will be available for both Android and iOS as per the report.


According to a short post on the WhatsApp beta tracker, the social media messaging app is improving the status updates in the upcoming future updates. Meta's other social image-sharing platform already has this feature to view Instagram Story directly by tapping on the profile icon. Finally, the same feature is under development and testing for WhatsApp as wabetainfo has shared a screenshot of the update found, where it can be seen easily that you can directly view the number of statuses the chat has updated as well as you can easily view by clicking on the icon just like on Instagram stories.